Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is very fast developing scientific area in this era and used to create, repair, and/or substitute cells, tissues and organs with the aid of the use of mobile phone and/or combinations of cells with biomaterials and/or biologically active molecules and helps to produce substances which very lots resembles to body's native tissue/tissues. Novel biomimetic scaffold” and “Modern technology” been developed for greater accuracy on positioning and viability, complexity, interplay etc., the usage of micro and nanotechnology for manufacturing and analytical control through tools.3 Micro and nanotechnology are offering them simple substrate for adhesion and proliferation and lively agents for their growth.

Nanofabrication techniques, substances science, surface, micro and nano-patterning in tissue engineering helps in offering fine microenvironment the place cells have to grow. Nanotechnology can be used to create nanofibers, nanopatterns and controlled-release nanoparticles with functions in tissue engineering, for mimicking native tissues considering the fact that biomaterials to be engineered is of nano metre size like extracellular fluids, bone marrow, cardiac tissues etc. The gain of nanoparticles in TE stems from their small dimension and their related large floor to extent ratio, which is related to peptides and small proteins. They can without difficulty diffuse throughout membranes and facilitate uptake by means of cells. Moreover, one is now not restricted by means of a predetermined measurement for nanoparticles, given that they can be made in customized sizes and floor traits in order to swimsuit any purpose. Nanoparticles also mimic the natural nanometer measurement scale of extracellular matrix (ECM) factors of tissues themselves.


  • Nanotextured substrates for tissue engineering
  • Self-assembled nanomaterials
  • Biological property enhancement: increased cell proliferation rates
  • Enhancement of mechanical properties
  • Enhancement of electrical properties


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