Advanced Ceramics and Composite Materials , Smart Materials and Technology

The primeval ceramics made by way of human beings have been pottery objects, which include 27,000-year-old figurines, made from clay, either thru itself or blended with distinctive materials like silica, hardened, sintered, in fire. Later ceramics had been glazed and fired to produce smooth, colored surfaces, decreasing porosity through the use of glassy, amorphous ceramic coatings on pinnacle of the crystalline ceramic substrates. Ceramics currently encompass domestic, industrial and developing products, as well as a wide fluctuate of ceramic art. In the twentieth century, new ceramic materials have been developed for use in advanced ceramic engineering, such as in semiconductors.

Polymers are investigated in the fields of biophysics and macromolecular science, and polymer science (which embody polymer chemistry and polymer physics). Historically, merchandise bobbing up from the linkage of repeating devices via covalent chemical bonds have been the principal focal point of polymer science; rising essential areas of the science presently focal point on non-covalent links. Composite components are usually used for buildings, bridges and constructions like boat hulls, swimming pool panels, race automobile bodies, shower stalls, bathtubs, storage tanks, imitation granite and cultured marble sinks and counter tops. The most superior examples operate automatically on spacecraft in stressful environments. Now standing at USD 296.2 billion, the ceramics market is forecast to develop to USD 502.8 billion by using 2020, as every and each and every enterprise achieves upgraded manufacturing effectivity alongside with high renewable electricity efficiency. As per the international market analysis, in 2014, the Composite substances enterprise is predicted to generate income of about 156.12 billion U.S. dollars.


  • Ceramic and composite construction materials
  • Ceramics Coating
  • Novel synthesis and processing of ceramics
  • Fabrication methods of composites
  • Bioceramics and medical applications

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